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  1. T

    ASX200 - BHP Unification

    Just wondering what will happen to the ASX200 if/when BHP unifies its corporate structure by bringing LSE shares onto the ASX at the end of the month. About $125B worth of shares which is an 8% increase in the market cap of the ASX200. Will the ASX200 jump accordingly? (ie increase by 8% in a...
  2. H

    Best place to buy stocks like RIO and BHP listed on multiple exchanges?

    RIO and BHP are huge Australian mining stocks listed on Australian, London and U.S stock exchanges. For Aussies, which are the best place to buy these stocks for maximum financial gain?
  3. R

    Need Help: LSE and BHP demerger

    Hi All, I was on maternity leave when the BHP demerger occurred and missed when we were allowed to transfer or sell our shares on the LSE online. They have since sent me a share certificate but I have no idea where to start as far as selling or transferring the shares goes now. Any help or...
  4. S

    CBA, BHP, NCM, WOW pairwise correlations

    In part due to the recent discussion about "range trading strategies" and "picking market tops", I compiled the average rolling 20day pairwise correlation for the listed stocks. Just for the sake of anyone interested I thought I would throw up the last 6 months of data in a chart as for me it...
  5. P

    BHP fell right through my stop loss! What to do?

    The other day when BHP dropped 80c it dropped right through both my trigger and my sell limit so none actually got sold. It's now 60c below what I wanted to sell at. It's annoying, because I thought the stop loss would help me sleep at night, but no! Because Cosec (or rather ASIC) wont allow you...
  6. D

    BHP vs. RIO

    Hey guys, just joined up looking to find out a few things about the stock market. been reading the business section of the australian lately and there has been a few articles in there that have left me with questions The article states that RIO has lesser production costs involved then BHP...
  7. P

    Short to mid term future for RIO and BHP?

    I got out of them in June, and now wish I didn't... Does anyone think they will fare better than the big banks in the next 12 months - accounting for dividends - do the miners have more upside momentum? Knowing my luck, they'lk probably start tanking as soon as they buy them! :( .....
  8. K

    BHP shares and Capital Gains Tax

    Hi everyone Just trying to sort out my taxes and as I have sold my shares within the last couple of years I need to get this sorted - I tried to speak with the ATO about this last financial year but they didn't give me any help at all hence why I thought asking on here could help me at least...
  9. M

    Time In The Market

    I was reflecting on the commodity boom Australia has experienced over the decades and wanted to express this performance in terms of an increase in value of buying a share in the resource sector. Of course, this is all with the benefit of hindsight, and probably unlikely to re-occur in the...
  10. G

    MND, BHP, CPB: Are they Overvalued?

    MND ,BHP , Campbell Brothers Are they Overweight? Which one is most overweight and which have more growth in them in the next 3 months. I really need to sell one company to get some cash . Today Campbell brothers would seem to be near the top of the price curve. so CPB would be my choice...
  11. T

    BHP Buy Back 2011

    Hi Just trying to confirm my understanding of th BHP Off Market Buy back 2011. It appear to me that if your running a SMSF (ie tax rate 15%) then the buy back from a tax perspective looks very good. The only constraint with that viewpoint is whether or not the fund has capital gains in...
  12. R

    BHP - Price disparity between ASX and LSE

    Why is the LSX - listed BHP stock at a discount to the ASX listed stock. As of 2:25pm today: ASX A$38.81 LSE GBP19.30 Now, $1 A = 0.582604 GBP, So, A$ 38.91 for one share on the ASX should relate to GBP 22.66 which implies the LSE listed stock trades at a 15% discount to...
  13. R

    BHP/RIO takeover question

    I own BHP and think they will take over RIO. Can anyone give me a reason why I shouldn't sell my BHP shares then use the money to buy RIO ? At the moment the Ratio is about 2.6 but if BHP take over I'll get 3.4. That being the case I'll have more BHP shares than I do now.
  14. A

    Marius Kloppers - BHP

    Just been watching Inside Business and Marius Kloppers, CEO of BHP Billiton is being interviewed AGAIN! What is your opinion of him? And, how much do you think he earns yearly? Do you think he's a spin-doctor? Or just a damn good CEO? He just comes across as so smooth if you ask me :eek:.
  15. K

    BHP theory?

    If you have access to cash I have a theory on BHP on a way to get involved. Basically the next stop appears to be around $32.50, if we hit that a plan could be picking up 1000 shares. Then we have massive support at $24-$25 for BHP if the stock does continue to fall. Purchasing around $25...
  16. P

    Paladin vs. BHP

    I know this is simplistic but here is my situation. I have around 25k worth of both PDN and BHP... I was lucky enough to get on SMM at a very cheap price so im way ahead on PDN. Considering that BHP has the biggest uranium resource in the world im wondering why i shouldnt sell all my PDN (forget...
  17. vishalt

    BHP Petroleum anyone?

    BHP Petroleum is massive, does anyone reckon they should spin it off? It'd be a sexy stock with its pipeline of projects and the capital raising would give it heaps of cash to further capitalise on strong crude oil prices.
  18. Blank1979

    BHP and RIO, $37 billion annual savings, what do you think?

    BHP has just come out and said that by combining annually with Rio it will have $37 billion in synergies - this is the first article I can find anywhere on all the regular sites I watch - on this topic...
  19. ak98

    BHP buyback - too good to pass up?

    Just thought I would bring this up in case there are any SMSF managers on the forums and to get confirmation. Reading through to the Off-Market Buy Back booklet from BHP that arrived today and pricing the buyback specifically for SMSF(Taxed at 15%) I have come to the conclusion that this...
  20. ducati916

    BHP.....A Fundamental Analysis & Valuation

    Current Price $39.91 Code BHP Yield 1.1% Market Capitalization $128150 TCI Price Target $18.70 to $13.80 Investment Sector Industrial Metals & Minerals Price/Earnings ratio 18.73 Recommendation Place on a watch list Place Price Chart here. INDUSTRY STATISTICS Market...