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  1. A

    Marius Kloppers - BHP

    Just been watching Inside Business and Marius Kloppers, CEO of BHP Billiton is being interviewed AGAIN! What is your opinion of him? And, how much do you think he earns yearly? Do you think he's a spin-doctor? Or just a damn good CEO? He just comes across as so smooth if you ask me :eek:.
  2. P

    Paladin vs. BHP

    I know this is simplistic but here is my situation. I have around 25k worth of both PDN and BHP... I was lucky enough to get on SMM at a very cheap price so im way ahead on PDN. Considering that BHP has the biggest uranium resource in the world im wondering why i shouldnt sell all my PDN (forget...
  3. ducati916

    BHP.....A Fundamental Analysis & Valuation

    Current Price $39.91 Code BHP Yield 1.1% Market Capitalization $128150 TCI Price Target $18.70 to $13.80 Investment Sector Industrial Metals & Minerals Price/Earnings ratio 18.73 Recommendation Place on a watch list Place Price Chart here. INDUSTRY STATISTICS Market...
  4. E

    BHP/Billiton merger tax implications

    Can anyone please advise me as to the capital gains tax implications of the 2001 Bonus issue of BHP shares when these shares are sold?
  5. I

    BHP - BHP Group

    I was reading today about predicted price weakness for BHP in the next week. I don't hold any yet. Who might see any further price weakness as a good opportunity to buy? Generally I'm probably a bit negative on the resource stocks due to their well known booms and busts. I'm aware of the China...