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  1. wayneL

    Life on the punt... Trading betting exchanges

    All the same mathematics, expectancy, win, loss, psychology... Even ratio of long term winners to losers, is similar. A fair few years ago, when due to personal circumstances, I was ahead of the information curve in the racing industry, a large part of my income was on the punt. When...
  2. O

    Omega's $50 sport betting challenge and tips

    Hi there This thread is for my sports betting tips and challange, To turn $50 into $1000 on sports betting I did some work on the presidential election... long story short I was rushing last night to get my analysis on election winner and states but missed the boat... only...
  3. darkhorse70

    Betting on A Widening of Spreads

    Long story short, does any one know how you could bet on a widening in a spread between to inversely related markets. I.e treasuries and equities? I heard some thing about options but not sure. I only ask because recently, the treasuries were way to close to coming close to their recent...
  4. Gringotts Bank

    Sports Bets

    I like Boston +1.5 vs San Antonio in the NBA. Got it at $1.70 In play now. End of the third quarter. Post your bets from any sport, Aus or international. Looking for some value on the cricket. No way Aus can win now. Clarke looked so nervous. Hopefully he can get some confidence...
  5. Naked shorts

    "Betting on the Market" Documentary

    Found this documentary about Wall Street filmed in 1997. Goes into detail about the mutual fund uprising and shows interviews with a few managers (staring Jim Cramer!!) I hope you enjoy the background music as much as I did :D (Links to part 1 of 4)