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  1. M

    Best Pie awards

    OK, now for something of vital interest to us all Australia’s best pie 2020: Where to find the best pies around the country If you’re going on a road trip, you may as well make sure there’s a delectable treat at your destination. Luckily the nation’s best pies have just been named...
  2. E

    Best websites for a beginner to investing?

    hi Everyone, I am new to investing especially investment on shares/stocks. can you please advise what sites I can read and study? something like...share trading for dummies. also, what websites (other than ASX) I can refer to check how Australian stock market is performing? also, sites...

    Best trading book

    Hi guys, Could the trading Guru's recommend what trading books in the ASF shop are really good? A little bit of analysis would be good (if possible) I like the look of the books on psychology etc Thanks in advance guys
  4. D

    World's 50 Best Restaurants

    Two Sydney restaurants are among the World's 50 Best Well done Australia !
  5. J

    Best stock forums

    What are your favorite stock forums/message boards or which ones do you find useful??
  6. kgee

    Internet Providers... who's the best?

    Whats the best internet and telephone package available? Up untill recently I was happy with iprimus untill a bill was never recieved and they started sending angry letters and slapping me with late fees and trying to charge me for getting a new bill sent out!!!! Long story short I'm looking...