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best data

  1. D

    Best accurate historical data source

    Hi, goes back to 1997. Yahoo historical provides daily from about 1999. For the purpose of backtesting which is better to use in regards to adjustments (splits, mergers, etc) and completeness. A very quick spot check shows Yahoo to be missing some days in 1999-2000...
  2. D

    Best dynamic data

    Hey all, Just wondering if someone could advise me where to get the cheapest live dynamic data for ASX stocks Its 41.25 p/m with cmc stockbroking, which doesn't seem too bad. Is there anywhere better that's cheap as well? Ive tried looking around but i don't really know where to look...
  3. RazzaDazzla

    Best Data for me?

    Trying to sort through the mountains of Data providers out there. I know Nick Radge Recommends Norgate PremiumData for $30/month; but frankly; I subscribed to the trial and it is a little disappointing. The update program etc. looks like it was built for windows 3.1! I know looks aren't...