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  1. L

    Best brokerage for day trading

    hey ... starting day trading and ask the group best broker to use reliable and fee cost ? thanks
  2. B

    Is Interactive Brokers still the best broker to use?

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this has been asked lately but is interactive brokers still the best broker to use? I know there where posts from years ago saying it was but I can't find anything to see if this info is still current? I'm using Nabtrade at the moment and it is more down than up, plus last...
  3. T

    Best broker for newbie day traders of the ASX?

    Any recommendations for brokers for day trading on th ASX? Who do you use and what are their pros and cons? Low fees are obviously a plus but transaction speed must also be good. Cheers
  4. T

    Best Broker for Trading US stocks/Options from Australia

    Hey all, Currently in the process of learning how to trade (2-3months in now), but I think I'm at the point where I need to turn the theory into practice. I have been looking into US options and I like the leverage and the risk management it can provide. I've been looking at OptionsXpress and...
  5. K

    Which broker is the best?

    I recently starting trading Australian stocks. Looking for a broker. Can anyone suggest the best broker here?
  6. S

    Best low-cost broker for $2m retirement portfolio in AU and UK markets?

    Hi all I'm looking to invest $2m in low-cost ETFs on the Australian and UK stock markets. Most of the portfolio will go into Australian Vanguard ETFs but about $300,000 into the UK stock market to get access to ETFs that aren't available on the ASX (such as a Global Value ETF) or have lower...
  7. R

    Best online broker to buy penny stocks in Australia?

    ok so i have heard about all the risks involve though i am really wanting to do this. I have time to invest into it and watch them though i cant find an online broker that lets you buy/sell penny stocks in australia. Please help thanks also i would rather not a large amount spent on each...
  8. T

    Best share broker besides Commsec and eTrade?

    As the title says.........looking for a pure share broker and prefer in Australia. I have an IB account but would like something closer to aus and no etrade or commsec. cheers
  9. C

    Best broker to trade US stocks?

    Anyone know the best broker to trade US stocks.
  10. B

    Best broker to trade ASX options, CFDs and shares all in one package?

    im looking for an online broker with whom i can trade australian options, cfds, shares and forex all on the one platform, or at least with the same broker. thankyou
  11. A

    Best online broker for me?

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum but I do have some experience in online trading. Previously I use my dad's online broker but the transaction cost is too high for me. It is fine for my dad as he trades in big amounts. I am still new to the Australian market so I'll probably start out easy...
  12. A

    Best DMA futures broker?

    hi everyone my first post, advice on a good dma futures broker any suggestions i have been looking at halifax investments not sure if they are dma, i know ig markets isnt dma, mf global is dma. cheers
  13. A

    What IYO is the best current broker + platform?

    Hey all, I am seeking some advice from experienced traders on what is the best broker-platform combination around for trading Commodities, ETFs, Futures, and Stocks. Currently I am familiar with SaxoBank and Interactive Brokers but both get very mixed reviews from other websites. If...
  14. S

    Best international brokers?

    I'm thinking of moving into some international trading, FTSE, DOW and maybe some Asian markets. Comsec offer a phone brokerage service, but I'm after a more online version. Has anyone have any experience trading in these indices and have some favourite brokers that they use?
  15. J

    Best broker for trading options?

    Do you guys have any ideas on who would be the best broker to go through for trading company options both on the ASX and the DOW? Im looking for the cheapest, but with the a good trading platform....cheers, im new to options....
  16. hotbmw

    Best online broker for self managed super

    Hey all I have my super with mlc masterkey in a growth fund. its been there for maybe 7 yrs. What are the best online brokers for super? I would like to move it from my growth portfolio and invest in a dozen blue chip quality companies im researching for the long term. Any suggestions...
  17. A

    Best broker for options/futures MM

    Hello, Since my previous thread was deleted for some reason :), here's the question - what's the best broker for professional company for trading options/futures as MM? Your answers will be greatly appreciated
  18. A

    Best Online Broker?!

    Hi everyone, Who do you think is the best online broker in terms of the following (first 4 an absolute must). I am looking for a highly user-friendly platform: Fast Efficient Reliable (does not crash) Usable Must be able to trade short on as many shares as possible. CFD facility a...
  19. P

    Best Broker + data + charting combo

    Hi, I was wondering personally what your favourite combination for trading ASX equities is. I'm looking for charting program where you are able to make custom indicators. Thanks, Paul
  20. F

    Best Aussie Broker for $30k to $200k transactions?

    Hi, I am currently with Commsec and I find them great for the low amount transaction cost, can't beat $19.95. As my transactions start moving toward the $30,000 to $200,000 I am wondering where to get the best broker to sell or buy in this transaction range?