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    NCAV Value stocks - Ben Graham

    Every now and then, and purely for fun (yes - I find this kind of thing, fun) one of the things I'll do is look to see if there are any NCA Value stocks about. I have a look, then forget about it (I know - strange idea of fun). When I first hopped on the forum a couple years back I happened...
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    Benjamin Graham

    If you are a beginner, Graham's book is fine for you.
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    Are there any Graham stocks on the ASX?

    I haven't actually ever gotten into Ben Graham's works much - I've mainly learned from others who have no doubt also stood upon his shoulders. I must change that, as he was more quant than I realised. Anyway, after looking at the "Top Stocks" recently, which have a couple criteria in line...
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    The Intelligent Investor - Ben Graham

    I really want to read this book as they say its vital for Value Investors. I have the fourth edition of this book but its so hard to read. Can someone tell me what i need to do before reading this book because ive tried but its just too hard to read. Im a value investor if you havent worked out...