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ben graham

  1. D

    Ben Graham Instrinsic Value Calculation

    Looking for some insights guys in understanding how you go about calculating the IV for a stock. The modified Graham IV for a growth stock is the following: IV= [EPS x (8.5+2g) x 4.4]/Y Where g is the growth rate and Y the risk free rate. In the formula Graham uses 8.5 for a no growth stock...
  2. S

    NCAV Value stocks - Ben Graham

    Every now and then, and purely for fun (yes - I find this kind of thing, fun) one of the things I'll do is look to see if there are any NCA Value stocks about. I have a look, then forget about it (I know - strange idea of fun). When I first hopped on the forum a couple years back I happened...
  3. T

    Benjamin Graham

    If you are a beginner, Graham's book is fine for you.
  4. S

    Are there any Graham stocks on the ASX?

    I haven't actually ever gotten into Ben Graham's works much - I've mainly learned from others who have no doubt also stood upon his shoulders. I must change that, as he was more quant than I realised. Anyway, after looking at the "Top Stocks" recently, which have a couple criteria in line...
  5. B

    The Intelligent Investor - Ben Graham

    I really want to read this book as they say its vital for Value Investors. I have the fourth edition of this book but its so hard to read. Can someone tell me what i need to do before reading this book because ive tried but its just too hard to read. Im a value investor if you havent worked out...
  6. D

    Ben Graham's Security Analysis?

    I understand that Ben Graham's "Security Analysis" and "Intelligent Investor" are classics on the theme of "Value Investing", and I think, after a little research on this strategy, that it is more or less aligned with my own ideas on securities investment, but just how relevant, effective and...
  7. wayneL

    The methods of Ben Graham

    I wonder how many purported Graham style investors follow these guidelines?