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  1. Dominover

    WebIRESS - Which one is the most extensive?

    I'm looking at multiple options to sign up with a broker using WEBIRESS, but I'm not sure which one to get. I see Bell Direct, NAB Trade, Westpac, HSBC, all offer WEBIRESS. I gather these have been changed somewhat between brokers. For trading Australian Stocks and ETF's. Does anyone know...
  2. Z

    Bell Direct vs. OpenMarkets - $1000 to play

    hi all, I'm still new. I've tried doing my research on and off over the last 8 years, but have never had the cash to actually play. but now... ding ding ding... I've got the massive amount of $1000 to play with. lol yes lets all make fun of the poor guy. anyways. i know i won't learn what i...
  3. burnie

    Trading accounts... BellDirect the way to go?

    Hi All, I've been with Westpac Broking for over 12 years. Apart from a burst of buying activity in 2007/08 and another burst of activity last month, this time selling (when I sold most of them at a big loss) I haven't used them much. Undaunted, I want to start buying shares again, but this...
  4. M

    Bell Direct vs. FP Markets?

    I am looking to change brokers. I currently have an online trading account with NAB but the brokerage they charge is a bit over the top. I am looking at changing to either Bell direct or FP Markets (IB looks good but I don’t have the ~$10K free). Does anyone have any experience with either of...
  5. leeannio

    ComSec/Bell Direct interfaces

    ComSec is offering $600 free brokerage or 12 free trades (whichever is the least) which is what initially attracted me to them. I doubt I will do 12 trades within the next year, as I'm just getting my feet wet. Bell Direct is offering $15 trades, but their cash account is not covered by the...