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  1. DrBourse

    DrBourse FA Help for Beginners

    Anyone that plays in the "ASX Sandpit" needs to understand that the following is how a lot of unmentionables make their living, unfortunately "off the masses"....... During the year and in particular during Feb & Aug each year the “The Guesstimate Seasons” begin, Financial Results have been...
  2. DrBourse

    DrBourse TA Help for Beginners

    Dr Bourse Message for NEWBIES… This post is for the “Wanna-be” Newbie Share Traders….. The following may seem harsh to you, but I'm trying to stop you losing money…. Basically there is a lot to learn about this industry, but IMO you HAVE started off with the correct approach, by asking...
  3. R

    Accounting for beginners

    Hey guys so I got a bunch of questions espically when it comes to the accounting stuff, I'm gonna try keep it on just this on post. I am still analyzing Dickers data, and looking at their annual report: Page...
  4. A

    Is Commsec good for beginners?

    Hi everyone, I've decided to try my hand at trading and have started the journey of researching. Will just play around with 1-2k to start with while I read books and websites and gather up information. I know absolutely nothing about anything at the moment. A few guys at work have used Commsec...
  5. D

    A short guide to stock investing for beginners

    *I have only put up a part of the article here because I can't get the table formatting to work * Feedbacks will be greatly appreciated Learning to invest in the stock market is different from say, learning maths. Whereas everyone eventually reaches the same solution in the latter, there’s...
  6. B

    Looking for beginners

    Hi Everyone, when i first got into trading/investing i found it very difficult at first finding information and people to talk to and it really put me off learning how to trade, so if anyone on here is learning and wants to have a chat and gain some insight and knowledge from another person feel...
  7. L


    What software do you experienced traders recommend? New to the game and have been using a couple free online ones but they are very limited ie. only let you enter 4 SMA's Thanks in advance
  8. G

    Technical analysis books for beginners

    anyone got some good books / online resource recommendations for the beginner wanting to master technical analsyes? in my opinion, a great resource has these qualities: comprehensive - the main things we need to know all in one place. this would include trend analyses, indicators...
  9. A

    Beginners first steps

    I ´ve been reading a lot of the beginners post here but there was no a comprehensive step-by-step guide for beginners to start with trading. I ´ll make a short one and hope it will be of some help to someone. FX, Futures, Options , Stocks, or CFD? Buy and Hold or scalping? Thats some of...
  10. M

    Forex Beginners

    Forex is short for foreign exchange, but the actual asset class we are referring to is currencies. Forex is something like going to a foreign exchange and exchanging one country's currency into another country's currency. Due to the fact that business is global there is a need to transact...
  11. J

    Definitive book list for beginners?

    Hi guys, I have seen various posts scattered around this site 'read this book by blah, great for newbies' My question - Is there a definitive list somewhere? If not we should create one? Within this Trading/Investing Resource forum would be ideal. Education is everything for...
  12. S

    Newbie Lessons - All your questions answered

    Hi All, I mentioned that I was thinking of doing this in a blog to help out all the newbies who seem to have lots of questions that are constantly repeated. I'll slowly work on this when I have time - At the moment I think I have about ten chapters planned - but I'd appreciate anyone else's...
  13. jeromejf

    Beginners - Introduce yourselves!

    hi !! just noticed your forums on the web... nice ..hope i can learn something here.. ive just started trading recently from home... hope to grow my spare cash savings.. :)
  14. Porper

    Charting for beginners

    Richkid and myself think it could be a good idea to post a few charts and do a few exercises, helping each other out, maybe of some interest to a few people just starting out learning about TA like myself and Richkid. BOC is my pick for the comp, purely as a learning curve, I do not hold...