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  1. W

    Opinions on my beginning strategy

    Hi all, I'm about to start dabbling in shares, particularly ETFs from Vanguard. I am completely new to this and haven't held shares before but I have read a little bit, with that in mind please excuse my ignorance on things and please correct me if I misunderstand some things. I'm at a stage in...
  2. Gokusuperme

    Mentor for newbie?

    Hey guys, I'm currently learning not rushing through a course while I know I will be sitting on a demo account for long time. Who here has a mentor to help or someone to practice with??
  3. D

    Virgin trader

    Hi all im a investor vigin and im so confused. I have 5k i wanna break up over 10 shares and looking either short term or long term . Any suggestions . Im look at worley and pilbara minera atm in the asx only please help
  4. Baliem12

    Brokers for beginner

    hi everyone. iam new here so any advise helps. i have been investing long only using Commsec platform. i'm now really interested in trading options and may Forex futures as well. can anyone recommend a broker which has the easiest screener/interface. there are so many out there. Plus500 CMC...
  5. K

    Type of Account needed for short selling trades

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any advise on what type of account i would need to open to execute both Long and Short share trades? I've seen CFD accounts, but dont want to utilise a margin, just want to use my own money but to be able to make short share trades as well as long share trades...
  6. K

    Stock Scanner and Trading Platform for FTSE

    Hi, I'm new to the site and Day Trading, so wondering if someone with the expertise could help me. I'm looking for the best Stock Scanner and Trading Platform to be used from Australia on the FTSE for Intra Day Trading? (or one platform for both) For the Stock Scanner I'm looking for one that...
  7. Init

    A years experience from beginner investor

    So I've come to about a years worth of investing now as a beginner and I must say its a lot more tricky than I had anticipated. Things I thought were true: Good news = stocks will go up In Reality a lot of stocks go up in anticipation of news that is known to be arriving. People then think...
  8. P

    Beginner trying to research

    Hi, I'm a newbie so hope I'm in the right place. I have a good property portfolio but want to spread my risk into the stock market. I have dabbled a small amount in shares in the past and come out about even so hoping to do some research and become more profitable in the future. I have traded a...
  9. M

    Commsec Beginner

    Hello to everyone, Absolutely new to the stock market. Very interested in agricultural stocks I have started with: BUB A2M SFG I know I am meant to diversify but my interest lies in agriculture so am sticking with it for awhile Next on the list will be AAC RFF And one I am very tempted...
  10. B

    Learning material for beginner

    Hi everyone, New member and a bit of back ground. I have always been interested in finance/economics and the stockmarket, the psychology behind it and how different things can effect it really interests me. I am a social worker and have been researching, reading and watching a lot of youtube...
  11. SFA

    Time is not important for long-term investment

    Many believe that the timing of an investment is not important or not relevant for a long term investment. Therefore, people believe that losing money for a short period of time is justifiable. . This belief is for those who fail to get their timing right!. Many people only actively select and...
  12. jeromejf

    Beginners - Introduce yourselves!

    hi !! just noticed your forums on the web... nice ..hope i can learn something here.. ive just started trading recently from home... hope to grow my spare cash savings.. :)
  13. K

    Totally new beginner

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and only just starting to learn about buying shares. It's all a bit confusing but I've got $1000 that I want to use. What's the best way to spend it? I was thinking of buying into the APN Property Group, would love your thoughts and feedback. Many thanks in advance. Kim
  14. K

    New trader keen to chat

    Hi traders and traders alike, I'd like to start off by saying that likely some of the questions I am about to ask are going to have you going "oh here we go again" or :banghead: banging your head against your desk but bare with me :xyxthumbs So trading has interested me alot, and at present I...
  15. G

    Beginner keen to place first trade

    Hi all I am a new member to this forum, but have been watching from the unregistered list for quite some time, and have found it to be a great source of information so far. As the title suggests i am only a beginner in the trading world and have yet to place my first trade, so still have a...
  16. S

    Beginner Asset Allocation Advice

    Hi all, First time poster here! I hope to start investing with approx $4-5k and I am not interested in day-trading, but rather focusing on fundamentals and holding only a few companies for the longer term (1-2+ years). I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction in terms...
  17. S

    32 Years Old with $5K: Should I start with an Index Fund or ETFs?

    Hi folks, I'm very new into this world of investing and finances. It all started when I learned about the Acorns iPhone app and I've been reading up and listening to podcasts about investing. I've learned about the power of compounding and I want to have a good amount of money when I reach...
  18. M

    Beginner investing help?

    I'm very much a novice and even have difficulty finding how to post on a forum. I have been day trading on BHP and some small caps.Returns have been good but while waiting for BHP to drop back down again I bought some PRO which, after posting increased revenue and profits, has since dropped...
  19. darkhorse70

    The Beginner Trader's Manual Guide

    Trading 101: So you want to start speculating on the movements of the financial markets. Where do you begin? This article is going to try and attempt to make the first step into the industry of speculating in the financial markets a little easier. I'm going to outline things to consider...
  20. G

    Beginner short term CFD trading

    hi for people who trade shares short term, they tend to use advanced charting software to scan for share candidates. what if we are shorting dma based share-cfds? should one conveniently use the same software to scan for share opportunites (in my case, downward moving shares), but then just...