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beginner questions

  1. B

    Absolute beginner - want to start in shares

    Hi all, As stated above I am looking at investing with shares. This is something I've been interested in for a few months. I've done a subsequent amount of reading on the topic and decided to start doing some dry runs on ASX. I have an account with CommSec to help me out a bit and I thought...
  2. P

    Beginner questions - options (buying, not writing)

    I would like to walk through what happens in the case of, say, buying a call option on the nasdaq (taken as example because I can just link to the prices). Current stock price = 39.209 So let's say I buy a call option for MSFT with a strike price of 39.50. The nasdaq options summary page...
  3. A

    Help! I'm new and I want to get started and buy some shares

    Hi all I'm new to all this and very interested about it all. What are some of the best shares to buy? How do you know if its worth it to buy them and predict if it will profit? How do I set an account up to do this? How much money should you invest when buying shares? (I want to...
  4. Joe Blow

    Questions from a stock market beginner

    There is a thread here in the Beginners Lounge forum in which those new to the site can introduce themselves to the ASF community. It has become apparent that many beginners often have a question or two that they would like to ask. Most often it is along the lines of "Where do I begin?" but it...