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  1. ducati916

    Rumbling Repos, Skin in the Game and Bears

    So with (increasing) rumblings in the Repo market, suggesting that under the covers all is not quite what it seems, we have an interesting new product. And an explanatory article on the product...
  2. Tyler Durden

    Where are all the bears now?

    I remember it wasn't too long ago that there was all this talk about Greece leaving the Eurozone, Spanish banks defaulting, the US debt ceiling getting higher and higher, and more and more job cuts were happening in Australia. All those things haven't changed much since they first arose, yet...
  3. N

    The S&P 500 Is About To Rally Up Really Hard - Bears Beware!

    8th of december guys and gals, and i think the market has taken some errr VIAGRA this week. LOL. haha. Looking at the breadth charts it is pretty interesting that the charts are pointing to some nice up coming in the next few weeks I think. first the summation, which is still on a buy...
  4. wayneL

    The Bears Den (Bears only!)

    Record number of families losing their (overpriced) homes,20281,17854374-5001021,00.html