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  1. System

    BEAR - BetaShares Australian Equities Bear Hedge Fund

    The BetaShares Australian Equities Bear Hedge Fund (BEA) is the first managed fund in Australia that provides investors with a simple way to profit from, or protect against, a decline of the Australian share market. The Fund seeks to generate returns that are negatively correlated to the returns...
  2. wayneL

    The Next Bear Phase

    Firstly as I stated here some time ago, I'm still generally a bear, but that I didn't believe that we'd return to a bear market for quite some time. Lat night's Dow sinkage got me thinking... I don't think we are at the cusp of a major selloff yet, despite generally poor economic conditions...
  3. M

    Media Playing Up The Bear Case - Be Careful

    I noticed yesterday that the mainstream media headlines really played up the bearish story on the fall in company gross operating profits. The March 2011 quarter profits fell by 2% from the previous quarter. According to the ABS, March profits came in at $63.5 Billion, down from December's $64.8...