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bear markets

  1. darkhorse70

    Can money be made in bear markets if you aren't shorting?

    Long story short, my brokerage account does not allow to me to short. I don't fancy going against the trend and if a bear market was to come into action, is there any companies who still continue to go up. I don't really want to go into very short term trades, like hours. Just to much stress...
  2. F

    Bear Markets: Do you have a strategy for when the bear bites?

    In a bull market I like to trade stocks. But what happens when markets fall? When markets head south I may turn to CFDs. They allow me to short sell. If you don't get short selling then check out my site for an easy to understand explanation...
  3. B

    Profiting in bear markets

    I'm quite surprised that there is very little discussion here about going short on stocks (and other markets). When people talk here about the profits they made, invariably the way they made it is by the traditional buy and sell approach. Is it not better to trade with the downward trend rather...