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    BAS reporting

    I set up an account trading currency under my family trust. Does anyone know how to calculate GST on currency trading? My accountant doesn't know that and said he would check for me but never comes back with any information.
  2. M

    BAS return on company

    Hi Guys, say during the period ; Total share purchases inc brokerage $1m Brokerage inc GST 1500 GST on brokerage 136 Total share sales inc brokerage $2m brokerage inc GST 3000 GST on brokerage 273 what should I put on the BAS: G1, G3, G10, G11, 1A(GST on sales), 1B(GST on...
  3. J

    BAS - Bass Oil

    BAS anyone think it's worth getting in on this one? :swear: