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  1. basilio

    Banks supporting criminals

    Was reading the Investigative Journalists website and noticed a story they ran last year. So how do we stop banks from supporting criminal, terrorists etc? Global banks defy U.S. crackdowns by serving oligarchs, criminals and terrorists The FinCEN Files show trillions in tainted dollars flow...
  2. S

    Recession, banks, and change of plans

    Hi Friends This is by far the best forum I have visited for investment tips, guidance, and knowledge. I think we have really prop people here. I am new to the group and relatively new to investing. Gathering information and have been doing small things for a few years. Without wasting more time...
  3. A

    Good international banks

    What are good international banks and bank-like things that would open accounts for Australians? The problem with most of them is that while they look like international banks, in reality they still hold accounts in Australia (via Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions or ADI), and thus...
  4. K

    FOS - Is it independent or is it controlled by a corrupt Bank?

    Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is it independent or is it controlled by a corrupt Bank? FOS states on its website; “About us - what we do; The Financial Ombudsman Service provides accessible fair and independent dispute resolution for consumers and financial services providers". Have you...
  5. Garpal Gumnut

    Banks the Road to Ruin

    Ater a dizzying ten years of the Austraian Big Four CBA, WBC, ANZ and NAB screwing their their customers to increase the returns of my self managed super fund which gets up to 8% on their dividends I have had a catharsis. ( look it up ) I believe the big four are in for a whacking. Nobody...
  6. lukeamac

    Anyone buying banks yet?

    Newbie here so go easy on me if my line of thinking is flawed as this thread develops. Anyone looking at buying the banks yet? "Levy" to be passed on to consumers through fees so shouldn't hurt them too much should it? Guess the lending market has tightened up though so growth in that space...
  7. H

    Do bank financial planners behave better today? Watch this documentary. Commonwealth's financial planners' behavior is absolutely appalling. Is it better today? Is regulation tighter today? I don't know because I manage my own money.
  8. S

    Installment Warrants and MINIs Liquidity

    Hi All, I have been trading mostly on stocks and am in the process of venturing into Installment warrants and Put MINIs to protect positions. I have been told to be aware of the liquidity issue of Warrants and MINIs. I want to get into the 4 major banks, Macquarie bank and Woolworth. I am...
  9. Tisme

    Royal Commission Into Banks

    I thinking there will be a lot pf bank tellers worried they will cop the blame for the criminal behaviour of anyone, but the LNP elite base in charge of the four pillars.:D
  10. S

    Bank Shares - Financial Reports/Presentations, what to look for?

    What are the key bank specific financial / measurements / ratios etc... that you go to, to analyse performance? Example Net Interest Margin (NIM). What are the few that are the barometer?
  11. P

    Best Banks (savings and transaction) for SMSF

    Looking at alternatives to esuperfund and so interested if anyone can share which banks they use for savings and transaction accounts or which banks offer a suit of products for SMSF with linked brokers, term deposits, online savings account etc. Currently with esuperfund it’s a compulsory ANZ...
  12. C

    Bank options

    What do you think the chances are of a small rally in banks heading into Oct? I've bought some bank long calls in Sep for Oct expiry and now I'm looking like I'm fried...:banghead:
  13. Lisa Edwards

    Australia Plans Cyprus-Style "Bail-In" Of Banks In 2013-14 Budget

    Hi all, First post to share some news that I think should be discussed. Looking forward to being apart this forum also. Please note that we are the "depositors" our personal savings accounts. Full link here ...
  14. M


    There is a lot of chat about buying bank shares as their fully cranked dividends are a lot higher than your money in a cash term deposit account, would you agree?
  15. MrBurns

    Who owns your bank deposits?

    Seems some poor fellow lost all his savings when a bank in Cyprus folded. The story read as if the banks creditors took the money, is that correct ? and if so would that apply here ? So who does owns your money in the bank, you or the bank ?
  16. P

    Out of the banks and into the...?

    I think I believe the media this time, that the banks have topped and a sell off looks likely. Where are you guys inclined to shift to?. Miners still don't look too promising....
  17. Tyler Durden

    Do banks match account number with name?

    Help me settle this debate with my friend - I said that in Australia at least, when you transfer money electronically it's important to get the BSB and account number right because it will go through even if it doesn't match the name you have entered. My friend thinks that the banks match the...
  18. S

    $12,500 to make first investment, split 4 ways or put it all in one company?

    Ive $12.5k to invest long-term in shares (5-30+ years), ive pretty much settled on the big 4 banks. General advice, would you suggest spreading evenly over the 4 (and paying the brokerage fees), 50/50 or just put it all in one?
  19. wayneL

    Short Selling Banks - It Can't Hurt The Decent Ones

    There has been a tendency for financial institutions to blame short sellers for a declining share price. I don't think that's accurate, which I will get into on another thread one day, but here is an example that disproves it. HSBC, who I serendipitously bank with over here, happens to be a...
  20. F

    Banks pressured government/ASIC for short selling ban

    Looks like the all the banks were pushing hard for the government to manipulate the markets for their own benefit. It is also apparent why the ban was on all stock as the banks are heavily into long-only investment funds (eg NAB-owned MLC and Westpac's BT Investment Management). It is really...