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  1. B

    Business banking

    Does anyone have a bank for their business that actually looks after them? We had an account manager at ANZ but they got rid of that position and service plummeted accordingly. We then went to the NAB and not long after we joined they moved all their account managers to a "team" model located...
  2. D

    Banking internship/experience

    I'm currently a 2nd year Business student at RMIT- Melbourne. I look to have a career in trading once I graduate (preferably trading equities), however, I desperately seek any kind of experience during my semester summer break 2015/16, any kind of experience with banking. Any advice or...
  3. Tisme

    Royal Commission Into Banks

    I thinking there will be a lot pf bank tellers worried they will cop the blame for the criminal behaviour of anyone, but the LNP elite base in charge of the four pillars.:D
  4. M

    Media Playing Up The Bear Case - Be Careful

    I noticed yesterday that the mainstream media headlines really played up the bearish story on the fall in company gross operating profits. The March 2011 quarter profits fell by 2% from the previous quarter. According to the ABS, March profits came in at $63.5 Billion, down from December's $64.8...