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  1. againsthegrain

    How safe is money in the bank? options?

    I am 99% in cash this year, with all the recent talk of this place going down and that place going bankrupt a few have already touched on the topic of the banks. No big bank has ever gone bust in Aus, no bank did during gfc, realistically how worried should we be, what are the rough odds...
  2. K

    FOS - Is it independent or is it controlled by a corrupt Bank?

    Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is it independent or is it controlled by a corrupt Bank? FOS states on its website; “About us - what we do; The Financial Ombudsman Service provides accessible fair and independent dispute resolution for consumers and financial services providers". Have you...
  3. K

    Bank Makes a Mockery of ASIC Enforceable Undertaking

    In 2005 I had my first dealings with shares. My wife and I purchased a Geared Equity Loan with Macquarie Equity Limited (MEL). In August 2014 my wife and I received an email from MEL regarding any former clients concerns they may have about advice provided to them at any time whilst they were a...
  4. A

    Cash in the bank?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask for some general advise while I understand you cannot give financial advise and I must do at my own risk. I am currently 28, married with 1 son and renting. I currently have $30,000 in the stock market, mostly of which are in the AU market. They are mostly made...
  5. B

    Reserve Bank leaks like a sieve

    They seem to be in the habit of leaking stuff to Fairfax these days: Concern about a deteriorating economic outlook and a resurgent Australian dollar will force the Reserve Bank to cut interest rates on Tuesday, taking the official cash rate to an all-time low of 2 per cent and discounted...
  6. Tyler Durden

    China plans to create new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Thoughts? I wouldn't have thought it'd be that easy to just create another IMF? Is this why China has been hoarding gold all this time?
  7. K

    What is the most lenient lending bank?

    Hi! Does anybody have any idea what the most lienient lending bank is for small business? Ive got a small business im starting and will need some money from the bank, my understanding is most banks are very tight these days, which is the easiest to get a loan from?
  8. T

    OptionsXpress want my bank and specific income details

    Hi all, Just opened new non proffetional account with optionsxpress, to paper trade mainly and do my 1st couple trading in 3 months ( hopefully), they offer 5 free trades if I put some money now which I find great My q is they requested my detailed bank account ? Is it safe to give it to...
  9. B

    Please support my Mother fight St George Bank

    My Mother is 63 years old. She has worked at St George's Bank in Sydney for nearly 7 years. She has been bullied so badly by her line manager that she took time of for stress leave. The bank has begun a smear campaign against her for daring to complain about her treatment. They have not fired...
  10. stefan

    CBA - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    CBA Wow, what happened? I once predicted a pullback on CBA but I didn't really follow it. Down 3.6% today! Happy trading Stefan