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bank accounts

  1. W

    Debit accounts

    Hi All, I am on the look-out for my first debit card account. To date I have been using prepaid credit cards to make online/international purchases, but the fees associated with them are now becoming ridiculous ($5 for the card, $0.10 per transaction + 3.5% of AUD price for international...
  2. bigdog

    Self Managed Super Funds Savings Accounts

    I set up a uBank USaver SMSF with Bonus Rate account in April 2011 and was getting 6.31% interest for deposits (not fixed term) Today the rate has been reduced to 3.11% or 3.51% with SMSF Bonus Rate currently 0.40% p.a. if there are no withdrawals for the month. UBank SMSF rates are still...
  3. S

    Bank accounts vs. Govt bonds in light of the Guarantee

    All things considered and not including at call cash for day to day purposes, since the Australian Treasury Guarantee against bank accounts appears to now be infinite in timeline, which implicitly changes my deposit to a giant put against a nominal deposit I supposedly held... Is there any sane...