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  1. Tisme


    How many ways do Australians need to be woken up to the stupidity of visiting Bali. I travel the world and would never go there or anywhere in Indonesia. This is a country that galvanised its nation on hatred for colonials and whites only a couple of generations ago. The high praise Sutan...
  2. M

    Is it still taxable income in Oz when trading online from Bali?

    Hi I will be asking the ATO anyway, but given previous experience they probably wont know and will default to 'you must pay tax' answers. I am an Australian Citizen and use and for my online trading while living in Australia. I am about to move to Bali for at least...
  3. sydboy007

    Scam warning for Bali

    for those who wont read the whole post, if you get asked to fill out a survery about bali either say no, or provide false name / hotel details Just on holiday in bali and took the bait for winning a prize holiday. Had to go out to Sanur and since I'd neverf been there and was told I could...