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  1. M

    Fundamental Historical Data (Excel format)

    Hi, I would be very appreciative if anyone could point me in the direction of where to source excel data for the basic histroical data for ASX listed companies from the last 5 years (balance sheet, income, cash flow, etc.). Sure, they're required by law to disclose this data in an annual PDF...
  2. aus_trader

    New Accounting Rules for Company Balance Sheets

    What do others think of the new Accounting rules for the company reporting ? It is to do specifically with the balance sheet reporting as far as rent costs are concerned. Does it make a difference in terms of identifying a company's property leasing/rent costs or is it just adding more...
  3. O

    Specific Balance Sheet parameters used for fundamental analysis

    There are hundreds of financial ratio and balance sheet parameters available from a company's annual report. Surely some are more important than others. Try finding them and searching through many threads I mainly noticed broad statements with some exceptions. From another thread: a. Which...
  4. V

    Balance Sheet - Short term investment question

    Hi there, If on a balance sheet it says under current assets: Short term investments: $10,187,638 and under stock holders equity it says: Accumulated other comprehensive loss ($9,855). If the accumulated other comprehensive loss is reported at fair value, does it mean that the...
  5. V

    Fundamental or Technical Analysis?...Which is the best predictor of Price?

    Hello All First post, first Forum and first time beginner investor...Hope to learn from all your wisdom :-) Actually participated twice in the ASX Investors Sharetrading end of the last game I ranked 6000/11595 nationally...not really what i had hoped....although at one point (prob...