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baby boomers

  1. Knobby22

    OK Boomer

    Read an article in the Age today defending Boomers (or Me Generation) which made me laugh. It used the example of Jane Fonda as a boomer who cares about the environment and does something about it. Might as well have used David Attenborough or the Queen. She is not a boomer, born in 1937. She...
  2. prawn_86

    Anglo Boomers Destroyed the World

    Alright this is more of a 'based on a true story' story rather than actual facts. Just some general musings that were running through my head last night. I know there are massive generalisations but its hard to avoid with a generational topic. The baby boomers have seen probably the...
  3. numbercruncher

    Baby Boomers are 25% of the population and control over 50% of the wealth!

    Boomers Ca$h So those freeloading Hippies of the 60s by virtue of being born now pretty much own the joint! They not only destroyed the planet enviromentally ignoring global warming for there super fund balance but have left the next generation renting off them to top up the retirement fund...