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babcock & brown capital

  1. X

    BCM - Babcock & Brown Capital

    Surprised no one has created a thread yet. BCM has been hammered due to its link to BNB (name only) So what is BCM approx worth ? $370m cash 57% of eircom worth $256m (feb 29) 100% of golden pages worth $248m (feb 29) No link to BNB debt. 175m approx shares outstanding 847/175 = $4.84...
  2. Julia

    BCMCA - Babcock & Brown Capital

    Does anyone hold this, and if so, are you going to take up the 2nd instalment due in February? I bought on the float on the expectation if would mirror the performance of the original Babcock and Brown which at the time was roaring ahead. On the contrary, so far it is a complete dog, and I...