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  1. SirRumpole

    Automation, driverless cars and insurance

    This case and others like it could set the cat among the pigeons in the insurance industry.
  2. Value Collector

    Universal Basic Income: the answer to unemployment by automation

    Traditionally, The goods and services we need and want have been produced by a blend of Capital and labour. However, increasingly the labour component is shrinking which will eventually lead to mass unemployment caused by a smaller need for workers, while the capital investment needed gets more...
  3. W

    GUI with many functionalities for IB Gateway/TWS

    Hello All, I have coded up a VB.NET GUI interface using IB's C# API that connects to IB Gateway/TWS. I have tried to include as many functionalities/features as possible. Currently, I need some feedback on what people think of the GUI interface and if someone wants to contribute to this...
  4. Gringotts Bank

    Simpler automation possible for AB?

    I'd like to know if something like 'AutoIt' could be used to automate buy/sell signals to my broker. This is what I'm thinking: 1. Have AB running continuous explorations to show buy signals according to my rules. 2. Get AutoIt or MacroExpress or something similar to read the results then...