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  1. KnowThePast

    My (Automated) Investment Journey

    Hi everyone, Time for a new investment thread! Those who followed my previous investment journey know that I always had a lean towards automated strategies. That interest eventually took me to start a new technology business, which I will now be using to invest my super portfolio. I will...
  2. T

    Automated trading CFDs and Indexes?

    I am looking to automate a strategy i have developed for the asx200 index based on intraday trading. I have read many of the posts on automated systems but most seem to relate to equities and more particularly forex. Can anyone tell me if the various software systems available for...
  3. D

    Is Automated EA useable?

    Hi im here to find out and discuss about automated EA and i would like to hear from others that uses Ea and trade. I have used it and tested it for a while but it wasnt full time. Im still learning about the settings property. So let me know what you think