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    Auto Trading with Amibroker - IB controller

    Hi Traders, Has anyone set up the IB controller for Amibroker? Can Amibroker See the IB account balance so it can allocate say 10% of capital to a small watch list of futures? It seems like the best platform to test, I dont know why it hasn't got a button to press auto trade once linked to...
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    Amibroker Auto Trading

    Hi There, Is there any experts with Amibroker Autotrading? Im lookingg to use it and wonders how it compares to Sierra Charts, Matlab etc? Just come from but want something bit more stable. Alpha27
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    Auto trading software?

    Hi guys - newbie, please be nice :P I have developed a rule and manually tested it at the close of markets each day, and I think if it was applied to trading each day on the ASX it would give a considerable return. I've looked at the various pieces of software discussed on this forum...