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  1. Dominover

    Metastock - Anyone used this?

    Has anyone here used Metastock? I'm looking at all the trading software at the moment and have heard some good things about Metastock. I just want to trade Australian stocks and have the flexibility for market plug-ins like 'Market Profile' and others. Will need down to 1 minute live data...
  2. S

    Commitment of Traders Report?

    Is there a Commitment of Traders report for Australian Stocks available? If so, where can I find it? Thanks
  3. S

    Level 2 Data and Australian stocks?

    Does anyone use Level 2 data, as I am wondering who to obtain this through in Australia? Is there any reasonably priced Level 2 data providers in Australia? Thanks
  4. H

    Why do Australian stocks provide higher dividends compared to rest of the world?

    In comparison to other countries stock markets, say U.S, Australian stocks provide much more attractive dividends. This is so even for stocks with relatively high PE ratios (>18). This is just an observation. Do you share this observation. Any reason why this generosity among Aussie stocks? Are...
  5. piggybank

    Australian Retail Stocks

  6. A

    Which Australian technology stock is this?

    I read somewhere of an Australian technology stock that is set to boom - as it is based on cloud computing (the next big thing apparently,although that concept has been with us for a while...) Anyone like to hazard a guess the name of said stock? The source didn't mention the name and I'd like...
  7. B

    Australian stocks to watch

    BHP Billiton (ASX:BHP) is one of the most widely held stocks in Australia and is often a core holding in many stock portfolios. Over the last few years the stock have reflected the fortunes of the commodities boom and as a result the BHP stock price saw a peak last year of over $45 only to come...