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australian recession

  1. qldfrog

    Banking on an Australian recession

    Joe, i hope I am not duplicating an existing thread. I am gettiung convinced Australia will soon technically be in a recession. How do you bank on this? A recession does NOT mean the asx will go down, so how do you profit from such an event if it occurs; what should I buy/sell? Interested...
  2. W

    Australian Recession

    Having not been around long enough to ever experience a recession, I was wondering if some of the older (and wiser) members of ASF could shed some insight into what was happening politically and economically just before our most recent recessions. Also, given the recent budget, how likely is...
  3. A

    What would it take for an Australian recession?

    I'm new to talk about the economy etc, so go easy on me. But a quick question: Why is it that people are saying that Australia looks like it could be going towards a recession? How would an Australian recession affect the cost of houses in Australia? Is it because of the following...