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  1. derangedlawyer

    Australian real estate ETFs; which one is better, VAP or RENT?

  2. M

    Investing in property in Australia - Advice please

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying my first investment property in South-East Queensland, which is where I live. I have some equity in my house that I can use as well as some savings. I am beginning to research this topic and am going to a "property investment evening" next week sponsored by a...
  3. Bintang

    The Great Aussie Housing Bubble - Reality or Fantasy?

    The RBA’s failure to lower interest rates this week has put the spotlight back on the topic of whether Australia has a housing bubble or not. After Steve Keen lost his bet on house prices and made his long march to Mt Kosciuszko the house bubble protagonists seemed to go quiet but they are...
  4. Joe Blow

    The future of Australian property prices

    This new property thread replaces the previous property threads which have now been closed. Hopefully this new thread will also signal a new beginning in the level of courtesy shown to others. Please feel free to post your research, analysis, relevant information or opinions on Australian...