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  1. Miner

    What will the Australian market do on Monday?

    Good morning Folks I was searching for an appropriate thread forum to share the following information and how Monday ASX will behave as a reflection of what happens in Wall Street on Friday (5 July) night. Dear @Joe Blow please transfer my posting to an appropriate place, as I found it is an...
  2. B

    Day Trading Aussie Market

    Hi Traders, I have been trading US markets for past 3 years. Now I have come back to Australia and want to trade Australian markets because of the US timing issue.. Is Australian Market profitable for day traders. Secondly, is there any good screener like for Aussie markets.. All...
  3. S

    Best low-cost broker for $2m retirement portfolio in AU and UK markets?

    Hi all I'm looking to invest $2m in low-cost ETFs on the Australian and UK stock markets. Most of the portfolio will go into Australian Vanguard ETFs but about $300,000 into the UK stock market to get access to ETFs that aren't available on the ASX (such as a Global Value ETF) or have lower...
  4. M

    Brokers - Low trading, buy and hold, International and Domestic Markets

    Gday All, Im new to Aussie stock forums but i have been scoring your pages for a week straight now trying to find some information, i think i may have found it all but id like a sounding board. I currently have an Etrade account with a portfolio filled with mostly Aussie stocks. I wish to...