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  1. Cam019


    SHIB/AUD looking interesting here. Even though cryptocurrencies are incredibly speculative and volatile, it is still important to buy or sell them them correctly (where you deem the best R/R proposition to be).
  2. G

    Gold funds, and falling Aussie dollar

    i'm interested in gold funds on the asx. although the aussie dollar is falling now . would an investment in the fund GOLD (a little under 240 today), also suffer loss from aud currency loss? i'm guessing with QAU. gold fund, you gain from both gold rising and the usd rising over AUD?
  3. H

    Why is Australian dollar behaving like emerging market currency in 2018?

    It shares the same "humiliation" as Indonesian rupiah and Indian rupee in 2018. This is quite unbelievable given that Australia is a developed country and extremely resilient economically. Its resilience can be seen by being recession-free for the past 25 years. What happened in 2018?
  4. B

    Effect of low Australian dollar on the stock market?

    hey people with the new projected "40c" Australian dollar, im curious to know what the historical effects of a low australian dollar does the the stock market? and how yoou think it will effect the stock market?
  5. H

    The AUD Movement...

    FYI. This is someone else's opinion... ** don't forget the AUD/JPY carry trade, I believe it is still on...
  6. A

    Aussie dollar vs. US dollar

    Guys one quick question that has probably been covered before, hoping someone can help me out as i'm new to finance and economics and need abit of schooling. This is my question If the australian economy is stronger than the us economy , how come our dollar is soo weak ? How come the we...
  7. money tree


    AUD daily trendline resistance @ 8041 hit that today & bounced off. trendline support is 7750 on daily. Im shorter than a dwarf with no legs :cool:
  8. B

    Stronger Australian Dollar?

    Hi Guys, I am doing abit of course work at the moment and have got myself stumped on a question. They ask what economic factors in the coming months could send the AU dollar above 80c. I am thinking oil and interest rates? Does that sound correct? I've hit a bit of a brick wall at the moment...

    Australian Dollar (Key Visual Points)

    MARKET WAVES ... ON THE AUSSIE DOLLAR THE AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR LONGER TERM LOOKS LIKE A MASSIVE ASCENDING TRIANGLE HAS FORMED ... ( WEEKLY CHARTS ) What makes this one stand out is that there appears to be an upside-down head and shoulder pattern inside of this massive ascensding...