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  1. stasisbr

    US Trading via AU Broker - Testing

    Hi All, Not entirely sure where to put this one and I couldn't find a prior post from a quick search. With CMC and now SelfWealth offering the option to invest in the US markets from AU I've been wondering if that would be a viable option to use for a coded strategy. I'm not sure about SW...
  2. N

    Australian broker for international options trading?

    I did a search, couldn't find what i'm after. Is there any Australian brokers that can trade international options? So far i have only seen international shares only. Thanks.
  3. W

    Online broker for US and ASX

    Looking for a platform to invest in Australian and Us stocks. Been doing some research and Interactive Brokers seems well reviewed. Any others I should consider?
  4. M

    Brokers - Low trading, buy and hold, International and Domestic Markets

    Gday All, Im new to Aussie stock forums but i have been scoring your pages for a week straight now trying to find some information, i think i may have found it all but id like a sounding board. I currently have an Etrade account with a portfolio filled with mostly Aussie stocks. I wish to...
  5. P

    Anyone tried this mob? I was the Melbourne ATAA meeting last night and Davin Clarke gave a talk and spruiked his company. Seems to be pretty competitive when it comes to price and spreads and all that. I will open a demo account and check them out.
  6. J

    Best brokerage fee - Domestic/International?

    Hey, Since there are no new posts discussing various platforms and their benefits ( price, technology etc) I thought I would start one. My question is what broker is best suited for international markets ( America ) price related. I have researched and have come to the conclusion...
  7. P

    Australian Futures Brokers

    Any recommendations for an Australian futures broker that can handle the following order types - stop, stop limit, limit, oco. My main concerns are order execution (online or manual) ,security of funds and competitive brokerage.
  8. O

    Halifax Investment Services

    Hi all, Has anyone used Halifax? I just checked out their website . What platform is that they have.
  9. J

    Creating Australian broker account for non-residents

    Hi guys, Would anyone advise me how can I do that? I called few brokers and they claim its impossible to do this in case I'm a non-resident. Actually its possible but for equities only + high fees($100+ per phone trade only) like Sch*.com. But I'd like to trade options too. :p: What...