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  1. Dominover

    Options brokers Australia & option Greeks?

    Does anyone trade Australian Options through an Australian broker? Do these brokers provide Option Greeks as part of their data package? Thanks
  2. stasisbr

    US Trading via AU Broker - Testing

    Hi All, Not entirely sure where to put this one and I couldn't find a prior post from a quick search. With CMC and now SelfWealth offering the option to invest in the US markets from AU I've been wondering if that would be a viable option to use for a coded strategy. I'm not sure about SW...
  3. N

    Australian broker for international options trading?

    I did a search, couldn't find what i'm after. Is there any Australian brokers that can trade international options? So far i have only seen international shares only. Thanks.
  4. W

    Online broker for US and ASX

    Looking for a platform to invest in Australian and Us stocks. Been doing some research and Interactive Brokers seems well reviewed. Any others I should consider?
  5. M

    Brokers - Low trading, buy and hold, International and Domestic Markets

    Gday All, Im new to Aussie stock forums but i have been scoring your pages for a week straight now trying to find some information, i think i may have found it all but id like a sounding board. I currently have an Etrade account with a portfolio filled with mostly Aussie stocks. I wish to...
  6. P

    Anyone tried this mob? I was the Melbourne ATAA meeting last night and Davin Clarke gave a talk and spruiked his company. Seems to be pretty competitive when it comes to price and spreads and all that. I will open a demo account and check them out.
  7. J

    Best brokerage fee - Domestic/International?

    Hey, Since there are no new posts discussing various platforms and their benefits ( price, technology etc) I thought I would start one. My question is what broker is best suited for international markets ( America ) price related. I have researched and have come to the conclusion...
  8. P

    Australian Futures Brokers

    Any recommendations for an Australian futures broker that can handle the following order types - stop, stop limit, limit, oco. My main concerns are order execution (online or manual) ,security of funds and competitive brokerage.
  9. O

    Halifax Investment Services

    Hi all, Has anyone used Halifax? I just checked out their website . What platform is that they have.
  10. J

    Creating Australian broker account for non-residents

    Hi guys, Would anyone advise me how can I do that? I called few brokers and they claim its impossible to do this in case I'm a non-resident. Actually its possible but for equities only + high fees($100+ per phone trade only) like Sch*.com. But I'd like to trade options too. :p: What...