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  1. qldfrog

    QPON - BetaShares Australian Bank Senior Floating Rate Bond ETF

    Dear all, just for your information; I found this new EFT interesting as a nicer and safer? way to park cash than a term deposit, without the usual bond risk, and reducing any potential interest rate rise.Any other opinion?
  2. System

    MVB - VanEck Vectors Australian Banks ETF

    Market Vectors Australian Banks ETF (MVB) invests in a diversified portfolio of ASX-listed securities with the aim of providing investment returns (before management costs) that closely track the returns of the Market Vectors Australia Banks Index (MVMVBTRG)...
  3. S

    Australian Banks Stock Discussion

    Don't think i've seen a thread about this anywhere. How about we have a thread for us to discuss the major banks as well as the others (SUN, BEN etc). We can discuss what we're all holding, why and maybe where we think the banks are heading, as well as a bit of analysis/comparisons between them..
  4. P

    What is the P/E ratio industry average for Australian banks?

    What is the P/E ratio industry average for Australian banks