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  1. H

    English language in Australia

    As an alternative we can introduce second national language or make it three or four. Canada has 2, Switzerland 3 so surely we can do one better
  2. wayneL

    What Is Australian Culture?

    This is leading on from Snakes thread about what we don't like about Oz. I made the comment that I hate the Americanized version of it; Ants responded with the fact that he hates the Englishized version of it. Though I find it quite charming; I like Bristish culture over American any day and...
  3. L

    Australia Day

    Guys & Gals have a fantastic Australia Day what a fantastic country we live in cheers laurie
  4. wayneL

    Australia wants migrant workers

    Australia wants migrant workers,10117,16273380-2,00.html AUSTRALIA will launch the biggest global recruitment drive for skilled migrants since the "ten pound pom" campaign in the 1950s and 60s, as the Howard Government tries to attract 20,000 workers from...