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  1. pixel

    Australian Employment Stats

    Every month, the ABS publishes Employment data with various trend, change, and other related information. I could not find an ASF topic dedicated to discuss those figures in a broader economic context. If anyone is interested, please join in. Today's data for the month of March can be found at...
  2. A

    Australia's high personal debt

    So if Australians have the highest personal debt in the world on mortgages and credit cards, how are they going to spend the money to allow business to grow. The only people making any money in Australia it seems are the banks, Woollies and Coles, the real estate agents, big car dealers and the...
  3. S

    Hedge funds in Australia?

    Hello, Can you give me the top5 hedge funds in Australia based in Sydney ?
  4. Tisme

    Violence... The New Face of Australia

    Well we all know about the kid who was killed by two thugs recently who thought hitting him uber hard in the head was funny; then the drunk in Mt Isa who took out a woman door steward and the latest...
  5. SirRumpole

    Potentially great Aussie inventions?

    This one is a new type of infinitely variable transmission which appeared on the New Inventors and is now in testing phase. If successful it could be in the majority of vehicles in the future, or at least I.C.E. ones. If they go public it could be a...
  6. E

    USA Broker to trade USA markets while resident in Australia

    Hi Can anyone suggest USA brokers for trading usa equities while resident in Australia? ie have acct and funds in a USA acct This reduces trade fees and fx exposure and allows to trade usa market hours. One broker who provides this facility is Tradestation. Any other suggestions?
  7. N

    The Australian Muslim Party

    Good addition or a bad addition to Federal Parliament? How will it affect Tony Burke's seat of Watson in western Sydney?.... Will Ed Kuseck leave the Labor Party and join the AMP?..After all he did take his oath on the Koran. Will the AMP take votes from Labor and the Greens...
  8. P

    Spot FX broker with NinjaTrader

    Hi All, I am new to the Forum and currently investigating my brokerage options re trading spot FX on Ninjatrader. I guess I am not the only one in Australia who wants to trade spot forex with NT so I wonder whether anyone who has been through this would be able to provide some info/views. I...
  9. A

    How can I trade OTCBB from Australia?

    i want to trade penny stocks, can anybody direct me to a trading platform that i can trade them on
  10. C

    Live option charting software for Australian share market

    I was hoping that there maybe some other Option traders out there who trade Australian options and could help guide me on what they consider to be a good charting and technical analysis software with live pricing on Australian shares as well as live pricing on Australian option chains. To give...
  11. SirRumpole

    Australia is a giant plutocracy

    Interesting article. I make no comment on which side of politics favours the plutocrats more, and the article makes no judgement on that either. Battlers and plutocrats: How political connections reward Australia's super-rich...
  12. B

    Australia is a corporate crime paradise (as the head of ASIC once said)

    The former chief financial officer of ABC Learning Centres, James Black, has escaped a maximum possible penalty of a five year jail term and fines of up to $22,000, after being let-off with an 18 month suspended sentence and $2000 fine. In one of the biggest corporate collapses in...
  13. K

    Australia's flattening yield curve

    Anyone else noticed this over the past few months? Huge buying int he back end of all major economic curves in recent months but Australia is getting to the point now where we are verging on inversion. Does the mantra of an inverted yield curve = recession still stand or is this a new age...
  14. Tisme

    Australian National Identity

    Seeing as we are apparently pivotal in keeping world peace these days, by insulting the Scots, the Indonesians, the Chinese, the Russians, etc I wondered how far we had strayed from our hard working, but hedonistic larrikin roots and if we can survive it and buttress it before the Muslims and...
  15. P

    Moving back to Australia - Can I still use my US Etrade account?

    Hello, I've been living in the USA for over a decade now, and have a US ETrade account. ( I also have an Etrade Australia account, but that's not relevant to my question ). I have seen some stories about it being a legal requirement for Australians to use Australian brokerages, so my...
  16. B

    Average salary for a stock trader in Australia

    I know it depends on your skills, knowledge and experience and everyone differentiates but could anyone give me an average figure of what an Australian share traders salary is? Thanks just curious!
  17. B

    Bringing profits from America to Australia

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but not new to trading. I have a quick question regarding pulling my money out of a hedge fund in America and bringing it back to Australia. I'm wondering how you all get your money back into Australia? Is it the best idea to setup a company and have profits...
  18. Tyler Durden

    Why do you want to live in Australia?

    So I recently came back from a trip to Seoul in South Korea, and was very impressed with the place as a whole. Specifically, I found that: 1. Things were cheaper, and food was in particular much cheaper (you could easily fill yourself up with street food for AUD $1-2) 2. Shops were open till...
  19. M

    Is the ASX affected by American markets?

    Hello, my name is Michael. I'm a first year finance student with a discussion among friends regarding what would happen to the ASX if americas market fell. Is the ASX actually affected by americas markets? if for example a 9/11 happened again to all the markets in america; what would happen...
  20. Lisa Edwards

    Australia Plans Cyprus-Style "Bail-In" Of Banks In 2013-14 Budget

    Hi all, First post to share some news that I think should be discussed. Looking forward to being apart this forum also. Please note that we are the "depositors" our personal savings accounts. Full link here ...