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  1. S

    Options trading in Australia

    Hi all, Seeking a bit of help for those who have experience with options trading in Australia. I have been trading options in the U.S. for about two years now, originally through OptionsXpress which has now become Charles Schwab. I'm fairly comfortable with options trading basics and have...
  2. basilio

    Who are Australian Muslims?

    Just watched the first part of a two part series on SBS called Muslims like us. Ten very different Australian Muslims brought together to live in a Sydney house and share their particular Muslim beliefs and experiences. Really thought provoking. They clearly chose the talent for their...
  3. kahuna1

    Meet Cindy the New USA Ambassador To Australia

    Howdy, Meet Cindy the New USA Ambassador To Australia Cindy Since September 2016 USA has not had an Australian Ambassador and finally they have seen fit to appoint Cindy 15months latter. Its about time, a full 12 months after our hapless PM was hung up on via phone early 2017by Emperor...
  4. WorldsGr8estKid

    Being a Prop Trader in Australia

    Hey guys. I'm thinking of maybe becoming a prop trader when I graduate from Uni probably at an Australian prop trading firm like Propex. What is your opinion on the industry or should I just move to America?
  5. Tisme

    Australian Political Parties... what defines them now?

    So you think you know why you vote for your choice of poison, but do you really know what the differences are? ALP's slogan: Well put people first. Standing up for middle class and working class people. Liberal: "Political stability and a strong economic plan for jobs and families."...
  6. rogblack

    Trading the gold price from the Great Southern Land

    As a gold trader living in Noosa I've tried many strategies to cope with the time difference between us and the US. When first going live in Jan 2015 I was trading the hourly then 4hrly chart. From memory volumes were much higher and my lot sizes were certainly higher which meant profit was...
  7. H

    Why does resource curse exist and how did Australia escape the curse?

    The resource curse refers to the paradox that countries with an abundance of natural resources (like fossil fuels and certain minerals), tend to have less economic growth. I am puzzled why the resource curse exists in the first place. If you are born into a rich family, shouldn't that give you...
  8. Seqman

    Trading options in Australia

    Hi all . I have just joined the forum. I have been trading on and off for a couple of years just mainly doing Calls and Puts on the US market through optionsXpress. Work commitments seem to get in the way of spending more time than I would like to trading and learning. I recently decided that I...
  9. H

    North Korea warns Australia of nuclear strike

    Would you take this nuclear threat seriously? Australia is so far away. Can North Korea's nuclear missile even reach Australia? Can it even accurately hit Australia? The world needs U.S and China to teach this fat pig a lesson. Perhaps someone like Trump would be the right man in this kind of...
  10. J

    Investing in the Netherlands from Australia?

    Hi, I'm a Dutch immigrant into Australia and would really like to invest in my home country. After the recent elections and given the opportunity for The Netherlands surrounding the impending financial exodus from the UK (Brexit), I'm quite hopeful it's a good market to get into long term...
  11. H

    Suggestions on curbing the gambling problem in Australia

    Australian gamblers are world number 1 by far way ahead over the world number 2 when it comes to gambling losses according to this Economist article. I suggest that the government impose extra hefty taxes on the profits of casinos. The next best thing to punish the casinos would be to force them...
  12. L

    Day Trader in Adelaide CBD?

    Hi, I'm completely new here and very young in age (21) and in the trading world, as in still reading many pages on investopedia and such. I would love the opportunity to sit down and talk to someone (preferably a day trader) from Adelaide about their experiences with investing and what they...
  13. S

    Is it possible to access exchange traded binary options in Australia?

    Hi all, I have been reading an interesting book on the subject of binary options (Wiley Trading Series). However the strategies mentioned, apply to exchange traded binary options, as opposed to over-the-counter binary options which seem to be the go here in AU. OTC binary options would seem...
  14. W

    How many TastyTraders here in Australia?

    Hi, As you may have heard, Tastytrade launched their own brokerage on the 3rd of January, 2017, called Tastyworks. Unfortunately, Tastyworks is not available to Tastytraders to use here in Australia, because the Clearing agent that Tastytrade uses, do not have a local presence here. Funnily...
  15. Tisme

    Australia Day 2017

    OK so Australia Day started 1935 and the aborigines started protesting it in 1937. Sometime over the past recent history we became all flag waving nationalistic, so its nice to see the latest lamb ad:
  16. C

    Markets/products to Day Trade while in Australia

    Hi everyone - I am making a move back to Aus. I am used to trading the US markets during the day and would prefer to keep that time range. I have not day traded the ASX before but, have heard it is quite small, not liquid etc etc to make a decent go of it - likely I have spoken to the wrong...
  17. P

    Mass Migration to Canada, Australia etc.

    With the recent win of Donald Trump many American are deciding their future within the United States. The Canadian immigration website had crashed today due to a spike in internet traffic and a quick google search about migrating to Australia spiked too. Maybe these cats have the right idea...
  18. A

    Is there a company like Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway in Australia?

    Basically I am looking to invest my money in a fund that has very high returns and very low fees. My experience with Australian businessmen and banks has generally been an endless repeat cycle that I have trusted and have been screwed over. It's the national culture to screw someone over and...
  19. SirRumpole

    Would Brexit affect Australia?

    Any ideas ? Better trade ? Closer links with Britain ? Better security cooperation ?
  20. S

    Hedge fund industry in Australia and taxation

    I would like to ask how hedge fund industry works in Australia ? I asked 2 diffrent tax advisor and they told me that in AU you need to pay: 30% tax as a company/trust 30-49% as a manager of fund 30-49% as a investor who have units How is that possible that hedge funds in AU have more...