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  1. S

    Questions regarding stock trading - volume breakdown, fluctuation limits and filters

    Hello everyone, I am new in Australia stock trading. I spent some time on analysing stock graphs using different websites (e.g IG, COMMSEC, etc) but couldn't find the following answers for my questions: 1) How the volume breakdown can be seen? e.g if the trade value for a day is 2M , how many...
  2. Luke_Kim

    Futures broker Australia

    Hello All. My name is Luke and I am from Brisbane. I am currently looking at making the conversion from Forex trading on MT4/5. I am looking at heading to bookmap platform and their MBO addon. To do this I will need to change brokers from Pepperstone to a futures broker that supports bookmap...
  3. E

    Can I transfer VDGR to a UK brokerage?

    Hi I am a complete newb when it comes to investing and I fear I could be about to stitch myself up if the market drops in 2021 and I am forced to sell. Over the past year I have built up $50k of Vanguard Growth ETF “VDGR” which is held in my Aussie brokerage. I was hoping to add to this every...
  4. Dominover

    CFD Brokers in Australia?

    I'm considering trading CFD's in the near future and was wondering which broker stands out in terms of lower costs or spreads and honesty and transparency? I was hoping to trade Aussie stocks and Indexes and maybe some FX. I know DMA tends to be more expensive, but is it that expensive to the...
  5. againsthegrain

    Selling a property in Europe and tax implications in Australia

    As the title says, I am thinking about selling a property that is in my name in Europe, sometime in the next year or 2. At the moment obviously covid has put a freeze on things so I am just doing alot of thinking and planning. This property has been in my family since the 70s. It was...
  6. Dominover

    How do you trade pre-market on ASX?

    What does it mean to trade the pre-market in stocks on the ASX? I"m not sure how this is done. Before the market opens, the chart doesn't move at all and I"m assuming the orders being input can't be seen either. I know there's a 20 minute window either side of open and close where you can...
  7. InsvestoBoy

    "Australia will be hit especially hard with the oil rout"

    My whole portfolio is kind of setup to sell little chunks of my winners and allocate them into unloved asset classes. So last week I was thinking of maybe getting long some energy stocks to get some inflation beta happening in the portfolio, kind of as a hedge against the nonstop rocking...
  8. bigdog

    Holden brand to cease operation in Australia

    OFFICIAL HOLDEN AUSTRALIA PRESS RELEASE The Holden brand will be retired from sales in Australia and New Zealand and local design and engineering operations will wind down by 2021, General Motors (NYSE: GM) announced today. Maven and Holden Financial Services operations will also wind down in...
  9. SirRumpole

    Destruction of Australia's engineering and construction expertise

    What has happened to our engineering and construction expertise ? Paradise Dam in Bundaberg is suffering structural and design problems so bad that its capacity will have to be reduced. Can't we build things like this any more ? There must be implications for anyone investing in...
  10. qldfrog

    Income tax rates in the world vs. Australia

    Dear all, as promised, after Labour and Greens all complaining how we do not tax "the rich" enough here, I promised myself to find real figures about personal income tax rates, the ones affecting the rich bastards funding your NDIS, pensions increases, debt repayments and 50 billions AUD...
  11. D

    Best stock exchanges to trade Index Options from Australia?

    Which are the Best stock exchanges to trade Index Options from Australia? Which Indexes offer high liquidity and are better suited from Tax treatment perspective? Has anyone traded in options in Hangseng and Singapore stock markets? How are these markets in terms of liquidity and tax implications?
  12. L

    Non-Resident Broker Account Australia

    Hi All, I was hoping you could help here, I did a quick search but was unable to find any recent information over the last 3-4 years. I am planning to manage funds on behalf of my mother in law, she is a non-resident for tax purposes (Taiwan) but has an Australian address and bank accounts...
  13. SirRumpole

    The advantages and disadvantages of living in countries besides Australia

    A general thread where people can voice their opinions of where they would prefer to live.
  14. Tisme

    Western Australia

    Revitalising Midlands rail heritage " Mark McGowan 6 hrs · For nearly 100 years, the Midland Workshops were the home of railcar manufacturing. Well today, we’re announcing that we’re bringing the work home. Located just one kilometre from the historic Workshops, a new facility is set to...
  15. Darc Knight

    Your top 3 policies to fix Australia?

    I'd like to hear your top three policies you'd implement to improve/fix Australia if you were a beign Dictator. Me: 1. Go Nuclear 2. Limit immigration until infrastructure catches up. 3. Pursue Corporate Tax and the cash economy harder (somehow lol) I'd also try to find a way to include...
  16. MrBurns

    Chinese influence in Australia

    Chinese influence in Australia is right in our faces now. This is not a racist post at all. There are sections of the Chinese community that are faithful to Beijing and the communist party. Beijing believes they have sovereign rights over many countries including Australia, they believe they...
  17. F

    Vanguard Australia: Which Product to Choose?

    Hello, It's a newbie question for sure so please kindly bear with me. I want to invest $5000 in Vanguard Australia and confused as whether to buy VAS which is being traded on market or just invest $5K in Vanguard Diversified Conservative Index Fund. Now I just want to invest these $5K and then...
  18. sptrawler

    How will Australia's younger generation get ahead?

    If the capital gains tax exemptions are reduced, if the negative gearing tax incentives are reduced, if the franking credit rebates are reduced, how do young married couples build a nest egg for retirement? I'm not being funny here, but without any investment advantage and with Bank lending...
  19. Mr_D

    Calling Any Traders In Perth, WA

    Hi Guys, Is there any traders/investors on here that live in Perth, or northern suburbs of Perth that have experience in trading or investing? If so and are willing to offer help and advice, please let me know as I am after some local help. Cheers D
  20. CanOz

    Recycling in Australia in crisis...why???

    China has stopped accepting the recycling waste from Australia. Is this a national issue? How? Why? This is a local council issue and requires some investment. Burn the stuff! Incinerate and generate power. Scrub the emission! Get on with it for gawds sake!!!!