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  1. S

    Aussie buying Canadian TSX-V shares

    Hi, Could someone please guide me on how australians can buy shares on the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V). I've looked through search but did not find any information. Looking at buying some shares for holding, not really trading. What would be the best way to do this: - What online...
  2. sptrawler

    Doesn't Lleyton Hewitt personify Aussie fighting spirit

    What a great display off digging deep, sucking the pressure up, believing in yourself and putting it on the line. Shame politics aren't run the same way, grovelling, conniving, coercing and lying seems to be the go in Canberra. Congratulations Lleyton on a brilliant game of tennis.:D
  3. prawn_86

    Aussie Travellers Forum

    Hi All, I have started Aussie Travellers Forum as a 'cousin' site to ASF. Im hoping to get a nice community feel over there also. Discussions on anything and everything to do with travel. I know the layout is quite basic at this stage, but i will be...