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  1. Joe Blow

    Subscribe to Aussie Stock Forums

    Since its inception ASF has relied entirely on advertising revenue to pay the bills and stay online. However, in the spirit of giving people more options and ways to support ASF, as of today you can become an ASF Subscriber. Benefits of subscribing You will see no display advertising. You...
  2. pixel

    Happy 11th Birthday, Aussie Stock Forums!

    Thanks Joe, for providing this meeting place. Still going strong. OK, so ASF is still under age, so it'll be Cordial for you. But I think I'll have a 2000 Cab Shiraz on your health. :xyxthumbs
  3. Joe Blow

    Aussie Stock Forums 10th birthday competition!

    It was 10 years ago this month that I first registered the domain name, signed up for a cheap hosting account, installed some forum software and set about getting people to register and post. 10 years, and almost 21,000 threads and 800,000 posts later we're still around and...
  4. davede

    The Old Aussie Stock Forums

    Came across a picture of the old Aussie Stock Forums design and look. Amazing how much work Joe has put in over the years to make this forum what it is today. Congrats Joe and keep up the good work!
  5. Solly

    Aussie Stock Forums Albums

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  6. E

    Happy to find this forum :)

    HI, I am happy to find this forum and want to share investing info with all of you.
  7. RichKid

    ASF in the Media

    I thought I'd start collecting articles referring to ASF (preferably positive! but constructive observations are great) in the media (not other forums). Here's one I saw in another thread on ASF:
  8. motion

    Thank You Aussie Stock Forums

    Hi Guys, Well I'm only new compared to some of you on this forum. But I just wanted to say thank you to all the people involved in looking after this forum. Since joining this forum I have meet some good friends and learnt a lot of interesting things about trading and the share market...
  9. Joe Blow

    ASF and ASIC Interim Policy Statement 162

    Hi Everyone! I have poured over the ASIC guidelines regarding internet disccusion sites (specifically ASIC Interim Policy Statement 162) and I would like to outline how I think they pertain to the operation of ASF. The ASIC guidelines have clearly been formulated to ensure that everyone is...
  10. Joe Blow

    1,500 member survey... how did you find Aussie Stock Forums?

    Since we've just passed the 1,500 member mark, I thought I'd ask a question I've been wanting to ask for a while but was just waiting for the opportunity... How did you find Aussie Stock Forums? Could everyone please vote on the poll! :D P.S. Please feel free to elaborate.
  11. stefan

    THE AUSTRALIAN mentioning Aussie Stock Forums

    You may be interested to know that today's Australian has an article about daytraders, including an interview with the owner of this forum, Joe. I like the point that the $500 thread got some attention in there. :D Well done, Joe! This forum is well on it's way. I'd like to mention that...
  12. Joe Blow

    Aussie Stock Forums Stock Tipping Competition

    Coming soon... the Aussie Stock Forums Stock Tipping Competition. The details are still being ironed out but there will be a cash prize! Keep watching!
  13. Joe Blow

    Welcome to Aussie Stock Forums!

    Welcome to Aussie Stock Forums! I hope you enjoy your stay. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to make the site more useful. I want it to be a place where investors of all types and ages can come and exchange information! :)