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    Aussie broker for US tax resident

    Can anyone recommend an Australian broker who can act for an Australian citizen resident in the USA? I still have an Australian bank account but I haven't been resident in Australia for years and am not an Australian tax resident. Now I will inherit shares, but all the Aussie brokers I have...
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    Experience with Aussie brokerage, Capital 19?

    Not sure if this is in the right forum. Just wondering if anyone has any kind of experience or a trading account with the Sydney based brokerage firm, Capital 19. I sent them an email once with some queries but never heard back. They have pretty good commission fees compared to other...
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    Can USA citizen trade on ASX with Aussie broker?

    I pay Chas Schwab way too much to buy ASX there a legal way to open an account w an Aussie brokerage and trade directly?
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    Best Aussie Broker for $30k to $200k transactions?

    Hi, I am currently with Commsec and I find them great for the low amount transaction cost, can't beat $19.95. As my transactions start moving toward the $30,000 to $200,000 I am wondering where to get the best broker to sell or buy in this transaction range?