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  1. Muckman

    Why is PayPal's AUD/USD exchange rate still at 69c?

    So it’s been over 71c -72c for some time now almost 73c soon to the USD but PayPal is still trading at 69c What’s the go? Should I just use the Visa card for my next purchase ?
  2. A

    AUD/USD - AUD/JPY Correlation

    I recently got onto a live trading account with Pepperstone. I really enjoy cTrader by the way but I digress. After watching both pairs very closely for the last week, I noticed there were particular times of the day where I would notice correlation between the pairs, which at times did...
  3. A

    AUD/USD futures

    Hi I got all my money in USD and trade USD-based instruments in the US, using IB as platform (being an australian tax resident). Now, I want to trade AUD.USD futures, or any other Fx pair for that matter, but IB informs me about changes in regulation that Fx are no longer tradable for...
  4. D

    Question re: Forex Hedging

    Hi All, I got a question for anyone who can give me a hint. My company singed a AUD/USD FX hedging last yr, saying we will buy USD tomorrow at 0.8532 however this rate is not attractive any more, so I want to either closeout the contract or extend for a further 3 months. Wespac just told...
  5. D

    Good forex analysis - where to go?

    Hi I am mainly a stocks and futures trader, but as I trade on US exchanges, I inevitably end up with USD exposure. I'd like to start putting in currency hedges as the AUD/USD just keeps going up and up. My basic idea is that I will offset my USD currency holdings with long AUD positions using...
  6. bellenuit

    AUD/USD at a Post-Float Record or Not?

    Because I buy and sell US shares, I need to monitor the exchange rate for CGT calculations. I use the ATO website to obtain the figures as they have tables of daily exchange rates updated a few days after the end of each month. When doing my tax return recently I noticed that the highest rate...
  7. S

    USD/AUD hedge

    Hi all, first time poster here. Very rookie investor who has just found this forum and I am after some people opinions. I believe the value of the USD is a downward spiral compared to the AUD. I am currently on a fixed wage that is paid to me here in Australia but the amount is set in USD. I...
  8. W

    Gold and the AUD/USD exchange rate

    Excuse my amateur question but this thought hit me the other day. I have no idea in trading gold.:confused::confused::confused: I always see the gold price quoted in USD. At the moment 1AUD=1USD. If you were to purchase gold now and the Aussie was to half its value to 1AUD=0.5USD, would your...
  9. E

    AUD/USD exchange rate question

    Hi Im sorry if this is in the wrong area. Im going overseas in january to study as an exchange student in the United States. Our dollar was fairly strong and still is i guess, but i wanted a rate at say 90 cents + Now it has dropped and im not sure if to wait a couple weeks to change...
  10. traderino


    just wanted to check how aud is against usd in the last months. well, the scenario is quite clear: medium term is still bearish and short term too. In these days the pair is testing short term trendline (black one) for the third time, after a v-shape pattern. Moreover, the currency is facing...