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    AUD/USD - AUD/JPY Correlation

    I recently got onto a live trading account with Pepperstone. I really enjoy cTrader by the way but I digress. After watching both pairs very closely for the last week, I noticed there were particular times of the day where I would notice correlation between the pairs, which at times did...
  2. forextrader168


    Hello Guys, Want to share my analysis with the community so every can learn from each other. Comments and discussions are welcome!:) AUDJPY Daily Outlook for 16th December, 2013 (Monday) AUDJPY Daily Outlook for 16th December, 2013 (Monday) Daily Chart "Ended the Week Lower"...
  3. money tree

    AUD/JPY - opportunity plus!

    INFLATION: The first inflationary factor is wage increases. If wages rise, inflation is likely to be right behind. The second is producer prices. This is the wholesale price. If these prices rise, then consumer inflation is most likely right behind. Finally, if consumer price rises are...