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  1. System

    ATO - AltoStratos Holdings

    The AltoStratos Group focuses on the I.T. and consumer electronics market within the Asia-Pacific region. The group serves as a Pan-Asian, vertically-integrated omni-channel adaptive routes-to market (RTM) solutions partner of leading I.T. and consumer electronic brands and manufacturers...
  2. SirRumpole

    ABC Four Corners report on the Australian Tax Office

    I'm sure we would be interested in any member's experiences with the ATO, and if the report resembles reality.
  3. sptrawler

    ATO corruption case

    This ATO corruption case, involving the assistant commissioner, is getting interesting.
  4. T

    ATO Depreciation

    could anybody shed some light on depreciation and the process of claiming it eg. i buy outright a 40k piece of machinery how much can claim 1st yr, 2nd yr etc thanks
  5. S

    ATO taking a stronger view on segregated pension assets

    New to the forum and just trying to find the right place to canvas thoughts without requesting official financial advice, so first post. Just wondering if anyone has a view on how the ATO might shares that don't pay a dividend being put in a segregated pension asset pool given their new focus on...
  6. gearloose

    Tax treatment for ANZ Bonus Options Plan

    Hi there Does anyone know how ANZ BOPs should be treated for tax purposes (inividual return)? in a dividend reinvestment Plan (DRP) arrangement you are effectively paid the cash & then you repurchase the shares from that cash/ YOu also get full details of franking arrangements. My reading...
  7. Kimosabi

    ATO is not a legal entity by its own admission

    Well after discovering Ron Paul and his call to get rid of the IRS in America because it is illegal and unconstitutional, I decided to investigate the ATO, and guess what. The ATO is not a legal entity by it's own admission The ATO is also a private, foreign owned business, hence it is...