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  1. waza1960

    ATAA Forging Ahead

    It is a little over two years since I have posted here. Why did I stop and lurk here occasionally without posting? It is hard to say maybe I just needed a break. I am still trading and am as busy as ever. I joined the board of the ATAA and within a few weeks, I became the National President. I...
  2. B

    Problems at the ATAA?

    A letter from the president: (Sent to all ATAA Members) I do hope that you have all had a delightful Christmas and New Year holiday season and hopefully you are “back on deck” with lots of energy for Trading and Investing in this volatile but profitable and promising environment. I am...
  3. aarbee

    Howard Bandy presenting in Australia

    Howard Bandy’s Workshops on Amibroker and Trading Systems design and testing have been announced at Brief details of the workshops are appended below. Howard’s books “Quantitative Trading Systems” and “Introduction to Amibroker” have been discussed...