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    Buying/selling at market

    I am using comsec and it gives you the option of selecting "at market", so the stock price will be the last price the share bought/sold at. 1. By selecting at market will my order be executed immediately? 2. If I wanted to buy a stock and the at market price was 50 dollars but when I look...
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    Have stocks listed as Value, can I sell them at market?

    I have some stocks that are listed as value, i didn't know what this meant so looked it up and it seems that the company was taken over. Can i close the trade and sell it at market value?
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    Major bank-backed broker blocks $5k "At Market" buy: Will disrupt orderly market

    I went to buy a stock via my Australian, bank-backed broker today online. (one of the big four banks) I put in a buy "at market" trade expecting a purchase to set me back on a currently available/traded stock on ASX today by about AUD$5,000. I get a call from my online broker after submitting...