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  1. W

    Monthly Momentum - ASX300 Super

    This thread will be for my new monthly momentum system that will be traded on the ASX300 universe within a super account. A few things: This system is based off code bought from Nick Radge. It is, however, not the original parameters and has been modified to suit my needs. It is not a...
  2. warakawa

    How to find historical data for ASX 300?

    I called up ASX about asx 300, they told me I have to contact S&P, called up S&P... voice mail. Does anyone know where can I get data on ASX 300? THanks.
  3. So_Cynical

    My AustSuper ASX300 'low cost averaging' trading adventure

    So_Cynical’s - AustSuper ASX300 ‘low cost averaging’ trading adventure. I have recently opened an AustSuper account because i felt i didn't have enough money in super to justify opening a SMSF, even a cheapo DIY type SMSF provider like ESUPERFUND at $849 a year (with no insurance), was just to...