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  1. G

    ASX Index tracking fund that reinvests instead of paying dividends

    Hi All, New here. I have some investments in Vanguard ASX 300 fund (VAS.ASX) which regularly pays out dividends, which I have set to automatically reinvest. But because it pays dividends I have to pay tax on it. I am in a fairly high tax bracket and looking for a fund that does not pay out...
  2. Dominover

    Day Trading Options in Australia?

    I have some specific questions about day trading Option contracts on Australian companies. Wondering if anyone could answer the questions below. Does anyone actually buy and sell options to profit from the change in Option premium value (in and out in 1 day) ? If the option was bought 'in the...
  3. R

    ASX or US?? I need some wisdom

    Hi All, I am seeking some guidance on which market to trade. Currently I am residing in Dubai and I am an Aus citizen. I have been trading FX for years, however, I am making the move to equities. I need help with which region i should trade: US or ASX. I will need to learn both systems regards...
  4. DFENS

    Non-CFD platform?

    Hi Everyone, I am new here and I hope this subject has not been covered. As a new trader I have been looking for which trading platform to finally use once I have enough capital and practice under my belt. As a newer trader with limited capital I would be looking to be trading non leveraged...
  5. derangedlawyer

    Lumber: nothing on the ASX?

    The ASX unfortunately doesn't seem to have an ETF with exposure to lumber. Any way to get exposure via certain shares?
  6. over9k

    Leveraged ASX-listed ETFs

    Yes I've searched. There doesn't seem to be a specific thread for leveraged asx listed, just regular index funds etc. I'm just interested to hear what everyone are in and why. I currently have GEAR and that's all.
  7. derangedlawyer

    ASX platinum stocks

    Some go with the platinum ETF quoted on the ASX, ETPMPT as there isn't a platinum equivalent of GDX (basket of mid-large sized gold miners) or GDXJ (junior gold miners). So what are your favourite sexy looking platinum miners listed on the ASX? Made the exact same thread on silver here...
  8. derangedlawyer

    ASX silver stocks

    Some go with the silver ETF quoted on the ASX, ETPMAG as there isn't a silver equivalent of GDX (basket of mid-large sized gold miners) or GDXJ (junior gold miners). So what are your favourite sexy looking silver miners listed on the ASX? Quite a few mentioned here...
  9. Eject!

    Tax Implications of Rebalancing

    Newbie here. Started investing in ASX via Commsec in early 2020, with a view to early retirement. If I want to rebalance, and this involves trimming a position / selling some stock to buy another, would this incur capital gains tax if the cash doesn't leave my brokerage account? Am I better...
  10. S

    Beginner Investor Questions

    Hi All, I want to create some content of 101 videos for beginner investors on a YouTube channel. Please comment below any video suggestions or questions you would like answered about investing. Thanks!
  11. csk98_

    Best platform for ASX Mini SPI 200

    Hey everyone! I've been trading the mini es futures on ninja trader for 2 years and am wanting to begin trading the ASX mini spi futures. Does anyone have any good recommendations for the best brokers and platforms for the ASX spi? Also, is it possible to get ASX mini spi 200 futures data on...
  12. frugal.rock

    ASX Out of Order

    I have found the asx seems to be unavailable. (Found through Westpac and Selfwealh brokers) Market closed error on orders. All companies in inquiry status. Any ideas what's going on anybody? Cheers
  13. MovingAverage

    ASX Pre-Open

    Happy Friday all, In the many years I've been trading I've never bothered to look at the market depth during pre-open (it's not relevant to my approach to trading), but this morning I had a little time to waste so thought I'd watch the pre-open orders stack up from around 9.30am. I was...
  14. T

    Help me with ASX Appendices and their meanings

    Hi everyone, I am new to the trading world and i was wondering dose anyone have a list of all the Appendix's with a short & understandable meanings for them? some examples; 2A, 3B, 3G, Appendix 2A: warranty and security for the release of Appendix 3B (not 100% sure lol) Appendix 3B...
  15. M

    Where to find ASX Sector Constituents List?

    Hi Im trying to find constituents list (or at least top 10 stocks) of S&P/ASX Emerging Companies (AXEC) (for example), any help appreciated cheers Marty
  16. Dominover

    ASX Equity Research/Broker Reports?

    Just wondering if anyone ever looks at the free ASX equity research reports / broker reports. I regularly get them emailed to me just from subscribing. I may have missed a point here, but why are they issuing free reports and why do they choose the companies they choose for free reports? Is...
  17. Dominover

    Linking Amibroker with Interactive Brokers data?

    There are some instructions on the internet on how to link Amibroker with Interactive Broker's Trader Work Station to gain access to the live data provided by IB. Most of the posts are getting a little old so I wanted to hear from someone who has been implementing this recently or is still...
  18. Dominover

    Metastock - Anyone used this?

    Has anyone here used Metastock? I'm looking at all the trading software at the moment and have heard some good things about Metastock. I just want to trade Australian stocks and have the flexibility for market plug-ins like 'Market Profile' and others. Will need down to 1 minute live data...
  19. Dominover

    How do you trade pre-market on ASX?

    What does it mean to trade the pre-market in stocks on the ASX? I"m not sure how this is done. Before the market opens, the chart doesn't move at all and I"m assuming the orders being input can't be seen either. I know there's a 20 minute window either side of open and close where you can...
  20. Lucky777

    Short-Selling ASX shares

    Hey guys I’ve been researching and pretty much spend few hours trying out the different major platforms and brokers and they only seem to have limited shares that are able to be shorted on ASX. Is there something that I am not able to find? I see on the ASX short selling registry that people are...