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  1. A

    ASX stock in limbo?

    Guys been lurking here for abit and posted a few times . I'm new to shares but recently started a portfolio. Have bought and sold several stocks recently but have a question. I recently sold some stock on the ASX at a profit but the company in question has pretty much dropped since I executed...
  2. U

    How to calculate the sell and buy pressure for ASX or US based stocks?

    Hello all, I was wondering if there was any way to calculate or estimate the sell and buy pressure for ASX or US based stocks. for example, Is there is any way to obtain the number of buyers and sellers (both released sales and the one waiting in the queue), their types (institutional vs...
  3. E

    ASX Stocks exposed to the rising epidemic of Anxiety and Depression

    With cases of anxiety and depression increasing in Australia I was wondering if anyone knew of any ASX listed Stocks that have exposure to future demand, or any advice? Thanks
  4. Garpal Gumnut

    SMSF Long Term ASX Stocks Using Charting

    Is anyone interested in discussing LT investment in ASX Stocks? Using TA. It's been very good for my SMSF though hairy/scary at times which is good.
  5. A

    ASX stock screener recommendations

    Im looking for a stock screener mainly to screen Bollinger bands. stock scan isn't operating anymore manage your trades wont download for me wont let me sign in I don't know if im just an not getting it or if all these website are just duds I don't want to spend hundreds of...
  6. S

    List of ASX stocks with corporate actions (dividend, split, etc.)

    Hello, Where Can I find information about future dividend, split, mergers and acquisitions, rights issues, spin offs etc. ?
  7. skc

    Roll up, roll up! Discuss the ASX roll up stocks

    The roll up play is an interesting business model on the ASX. The development goes something like this. 1. Company lists with some core asset in a "cottage" industry. 2. Company acquires private businesses in the same industry, by issuing shares or cash/debt. 3. Acquisitions are made at a lower...
  8. B

    SMSF investing in ASX & US stocks, good cheap broker

    I would like to invest through out SMSF in both Aus & US stocks, not really do any trading. Which broker offers both markets, are the cheapest & offer a good rate for funds sitting parked in a cash management account. Thanks
  9. easylikesunday

    Newly listed ASX stocks

    Hey. Is there a search I can do to find recently added stocks to the ASX? I had a look on the ASX website and tried Google but could only find recently added managed funds. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Matt
  10. A

    Real time stock scanner for ASX stocks

    Is there a decent real time stock scanner available for ASX stocks? Would very much appreciate anyones input to what they use. Sort of thing I'd be looking for is breaking of previous days high/low. Volume. % moves etc. If anyone has any ideas of where to look will be much appreciated. Many...
  11. S

    Smallest ASX stocks?

    Does anybody know where I can find a list of the smallest stocks on the asx by market cap?