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  1. jjbinks

    Placing order for ASX shares on Interactive Brokers

    Hey all, I am trying to order some shares on IB webtrader. When I place order it says that there is a margin. I'm pretty sure I have no enabled margin loans so not sure how that is possible. I can't work out what I am doing wrong. Thanks
  2. S

    % of international and domestic shares

    Hi I wanted to know what percentage of international and domestic shares a portfolio should have. I'm thinking about getting some VEU and VTS etf's as well as a few Australian LIC's such as ARG or MLT.
  3. G

    Trading both US and ASX shares, dumb idea?

    i have a market filter so i don't get into the ASX all the time. so i could trade more often, i thought of trading US shares (when the filter allows me too, would mean that i have some ASX and some US shares going at the same time). although both markets seem correlated at times. by doing this...
  4. bullhunter

    ASX Share Tables

    Before on, you were able to download the weekly share tables. Now it is only done monthly ( Is there another place where I can get that data for each week? Thanks.
  5. E

    How many ASX shares until you invest offshore?

    What amount of companies or what $ size of your portfolio did you get to until you started buying overseas shares to diversify a bit and benefit from other economies other than Australia? eg. Porfolio size got to 50k. You had invested in 3 ASX companies and then decided to buy 20k worth of...
  6. noirua

    Post a view or information on any share - ASX or Worldwide

    Some share threads on ASF have few visitors and you may want to let members know of your interest or why you bought the stock. This micro-cap stock may be a future Woodside [once a micro-cap stock in the early 1960s under Woodside Lakes Entrance Oils NL -- a loser I was once told as only an...