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    Premium and contract size on ASX options

    Hi Everyone, I've decided to take the plunge and start trading options and I'm a bit puzzled about the multipliers for index options. From the ASX site: XJOWN8 Description: 6375.0 CALL OPTION EXPIRING 19-APR-2018 Underlying asset: S&P/ASX200 Expiry: 19 Apr 2018 Exercise Price: 6,375.000...
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    ASX Options - Sorting Through Past Data

    Hi, newbie to derivatives here! I'm looking to backtest a trading strategy involving ATM options, so I'm on the hunt for daily closing prices for both puts and calls. For no better reason than comfort's sake, I'd ideally like to use ASX data as opposed to US. Anyway, the closest I've come is...
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    Historical daily option prices on ASX please?

    Fairfax trading room used to do this for free and it worked well. They now stopped Any other source please Tried EZYCHART data from comsec site but it only works for shares Thanks
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    I can't get no sleep! Moving from US Options to AU?

    Hi all, first post here and relatively new to options trading. I've found some previous posts and there has been some useful information but forgive me for any duplication on like-issues :) In short, I'm just reaching out for some feedback as I feel I'm at a fork in the road with my...
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    Puzzling ASX data for options on individual Australian equities

    Hi all, I was recently looking over historical data (intraday) for options on individual australian equities, e.g. call and put options on BHP e.t.c., that are listed on the ASX. The data source is Thomson Reuters Tick History (I'm an academic so I can get access to this data through SIRCA)...
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    Best broker to trade ASX options, CFDs and shares all in one package?

    im looking for an online broker with whom i can trade australian options, cfds, shares and forex all on the one platform, or at least with the same broker. thankyou
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    ASX Options Margin Calculator

    I was wondering whether anyone has another Option Margin Calculator that I can check the ASX's estimate against. The reason why I asked is that last month I sold some Calls and Puts and the Calculator stated that the margin would be $4500ish ( I under that the ASX states that it will be within...